Hobbies provide you with time to spend on yourself in order to give more to others and the world. Hobbies are not selfish. They provide you with many rich life experiences that contribute to overall wellness. 

Here are a few reasons why hobbies are so important.

Hobbies introduce us to new passions

You never know if you’ll like something unless you try. Exploring different areas, even things that you don’t think would interest you at first, can open doors to new passions. This can lead you in all kinds of directions that you may not have even imagined. Maybe even to a new job or career!

Hobbies foster relationships

Hobbies give you something to talk about with others and provide you with opportunities to meet other people. Having similar passions and interest is a strong beginning foundation upon which friendships can be built. Joining a book club, or going to zumba or yoga classes are just a few examples of ways you can meet others through your hobbies. If you are someone who is nervous about going out and meeting new people, do not fear! (Though I strongly encourage this!) Often instagram and other forms of social media have communities built around certain hobbies. There are often competitions and challenges going on within social media communities that keep you on your game. Start by searching some hashtags of things you’re interested in! These communities are usually quite supportive and encouraging.  

Hobbies provide stress relief

Hobbies are not done for money or to gain approval from others. They are for you and your own enjoyment so there is no pressure to perform well or to gain admiration from others. There are few things in life where we feel we can truly be ourselves and be free in what we are doing. Hobbies allow you this freedom!

Hobbies improve self-esteem

When you can practice something and get good at it and share it with others, this boosts your self-esteem. You don’t even have to be good at it or share it with others. Just knowing you have something that you’re working on that provides you with rich life experiences is enough to boost your self-esteem!

Here’s a list of hobbies if you need some ideas. It’s a good thing we live in the age of the internet because almost any tutorial can be found on youtube!

  • Learning a new instrument
  • Making youtube videos (skits, informational videos, vlogs, etc.)
  • Scrapbooking
  • Outdoor activities (biking, surfing, hiking, tree climbing…)
  • Dancing (Youtube has some fun dance tutorials!)
  • Painting
  • Computer programming
  • Hooping (Check out some youtube and instagram hooping tutorial videos!)
  • Pick a subject you’re interested in and learn as much as you can. (videos, books, meetup groups…)
  • Coffee (Figure out how to make the perfect cup of coffee by experimenting with different grounds, machines, temperatures, etc.)
  • Cooking (Hurray for pinterest)
  • Learn a language (try Duolingo, a free and fun language learning app. They even have Klingon you guys…)
  • Making jewlery
  • HAM radio
  • Gardening
  • Watching documentaries


Let us know what your favorite hobbies are in the comments!


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