Welcome! We are Lela and Lily, twins who as children suffered with Selective Mutism – a social anxiety disorder. Although we are “cured” of Selective Mutism, we still feel the effects of anxiety in our lives today, as do so many others around the world. We’re passionate about using mindfulness, meditation, natural/simple living, minimalism, and the arts to help ourselves and others calm anxiety and live a life of simplicity, peace, and happiness.

Because we have found so much success in incorporating mindfulness and simple living in our lives, we decided to start this blog together as a project to reflect and share on how we are simplifying our lives in order to live more fully.

Along with running this blog, we also write music together under the name Lela and Lily. Our music is a reflection on life, emotions, and beauty.


Favorite things: Music, coffee, nature, camping, psychology, concerts, asian food, coffee shops, road trips, art

Lela Geist is a private lessons music teacher, musician, and board certified music therapist. She has a degree in music therapy and is currently pursuing her masters in mental health counseling. In 2014, she completed an internship as a music therapy intern at a behavioral health hospital of which the therapy was based on mindfulness techniques. She is passionate about using mindfulness techniques and music to help others find a life of peace and fulfillment.


Favorite things: Coffee, traveling, adventures, her husband, her cat, graphic design, coffee, tacos, spicy food, writing music, netflix, organizing, eating, camping, hiking

Lily Liseno is a private lessons music teacher, musician, and self taught graphic/web designer. She has a degree in Early Childhood Education and taught Kindergarten for one year before deciding to pursue graphic design and music. She loves to learn about health, simple living, and mindfulness and how that can help calm anxiety for herself and others. Lily loves to pursue all sorts of creative little projects such as gardening, blogging, designing, and writing music. She lives in Orlando, FL with her cat, and high school sweetheart husband Jacob.

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