Living minimally does not mean getting rid of everything you own, it means getting rid of the things that are not useful and/or don’t make you happy. One of the major spaces in our homes that can feel overwhelming and overrun with unused, unloved items is our closets.

For the past couple of years, I have slowly been minimizing my closet so that the only things remaining are clothes I absolutely love to wear, and clothes that feel like me.

Here are some things I have done to help minimize my closet:


1. Do a closet binge

Take everything out of your closet, and toss anything you don’t wear. If you haven’t worn it recently and feel like the clothing item does not suit you anymore, you probably won’t even remember it after it’s bagged up.

Don’t feel bad getting rid of things! It may feel especially difficult to toss gifts. As Marie Kondo says, a gift has served its purpose when it is received. If it is not being used anymore, it is not serving you. There are donation boxes all over in a lot of places (mostly wal mart/dollar general/target parking lots), just drop your trash bag of clothes in there!


2. Turn all your hangers the opposite way

After tossing a bunch of your clothes, you can try this method to see what clothes you actually wear and don’t wear. Or If you find the closet binge to be too daunting of a task, you can try this method instead.

Turn all of the clothes in your closet the other way so the hangers are hanging towards you. Every time you wear an item, turn the hanger around. After about 6 months, anything that hasn’t been turned around will most likely never be worn again, so don’t feel afraid to toss it in the giveaway bag! Make sure to leave enough time to see what you wear during different seasons – this all depends on where you live.


3. Move clothes to other end of closet after it is worn

Another method you can try in your closet is to move an item of clothing to a separate area after you wear it. That way you have one section of clothes you don’t wear, and one section that you do wear. This will give you a visual on what you wear the most and what you don’t. From here, you can decide what to giveaway and what to keep.


4. Whenever you buy a new article of clothing, give another one away

After you feel your closet is at an okay spot in you minimizing journey, you want to keep it that way! So, whenever you buy another article of clothing, throw another older article in the giveaway bag. That way you can keep around the same amount of clothes in your closet without it overflowing after a year or so.


5. Project 333

I have not tried this method, but one day I would like to! Project 333 was started by Courtney Carver, and is a “minimalist fashion challenge that invites you to dress with 33 items or less for 3 months.”

The idea is that you pick 33 items to dress in for the next 3 months. Every 3 months, you change out your wardrobe. Decide what you like from the previous three months and keep it in your wardrobe for the next 3 months. You will find that you might uncover your personal style, and giveaway clothes that you haven’t worn.

Read more about the project here >>


I have found all of these methods to be extremely useful to me while I try to minimize my closet. I have gotten rid of countless bags of clothes in the span of a year or so using these methods (except Project 333 because I haven’t tried that one yet!). As a result, I don’t have a hard time deciding what to wear. I used to get overwhelmed finding clothes to wear because I had so much that I didn’t wear and would feel guilty for not wearing (because clothes have feelings..). Picking out clothes is a fun experience for me now instead of stressful. I feel like I get pretty good use out of all of my clothes instead of just a select few items.

Do you have any tips for minimizing your closet or have any experience on this journey? I want to hear about it! Comment below!


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